Walk and Talk

In my practice I notice that many women experience a high degree of stress at this time. Walking helps you on many fronts. You create  a forward movement, physically and mentally. In short, don’t get stuck in lockdown, go out and about. I see issues such as searching for meaning, insecurity, and reorientation towards a new job. Conversations in nature can sometimes quickly lead to insights for these kinds of opportunities / problems.

Are you Tired of Zoom? Go outside!

In a general, we see that people are walking in the lockdown. A moment of peace, air and space. As career coach, I have been frequently in nature with my clients in recent months. Especially this week in this beautiful winter landscape! Everyone wants to go outside, so we do!  We are all a bit tired of Zoom. Going out into nature is sensible. Because walking is not only delicious and healthy, but also effective. And Corona Safe! Scientific research supports the proper effect of walking on our brain. And so it is. Through walking you sometimes suddenly find the key to solutions or you get brilliant ideas.

So call me now and we’ll start tomorrow.