1. Business planning
  •     Ergonomically maximized special & procedural planning procedure
  •     Business Plan preparation
  •     Founding and establishing new businesses and corporations in Greece and Internationally
  •     Ι.S.O. 9.000 & 14.000 & C.E. certifications
  •     Technical Personnel of all Securities Services in your work place.
  •     Branch office establishment and organization.
  •     Franchising
  1.     Specialized Know –how per sector
  •     Research and Development of new products and/or new services
  •     Improvements in the production process
  •     Operating Licenses
  •     Internet
  •     Computers (Financial software and hardware support)
  1. Financing – Economic Strategy and accounting services
  •     Subsidies (EU Financing & Greek Development Law) Mortgages
  •     Building, equipment and means of transportation Leasing
  •     Costing and Pricing policy
  •     Crediting (Credit risk –payments of overdue accounts)
  •     Costs of banking deals both locally and internationally
  •     Preferential exchange rates
  •     Preparation for entrance in the Stock Market and Public offering
  1. Strategic Corporate Marketing and Sale
  •     E-commerce
  •     Assistance with Trade Fairs and Expos
  •     Public relations
  •     Creation and Development of Sales force or Sales channels
  •     Presentation of corporate identity with cutting edge Audio-visual means
  •     Printed design and advertising
  1. Human Resources
  •     Hiring and Evaluation of personnel
  •     Optimizing Human Potential through rewarding techniques
  •     Leadership development
  •     Creative Problem Solving and Interpersonal Conflict Management
  •     In-house training and possibilities of continuous learning
  •    6. International Relations – Contacts – Trading and Commerce
  •     Inport/Export
  •     Locating Raw Materials – products – machinery
  •     Market research and Data Base Management
  1. Real Estate Sales
  •      Sales of land, pieces of property, Business and Corporate building infrastructures
  1. Corporate Mergers and acquisitions. SME Business Brokerage
  •     Owner exit
  •      Share Transferring to third parties
  •     Succession and survival of company
  •     Peaceful exits from partnerships
  •      Venture Capital and Business Angels for start-ups and young enterprises
  1. Insurances and Investments
  •      Modern pension and savings plans
  •       Brokerage of all major Greek and International Financial Companies
  •      Income and living expenses Security.
  •        Estate Planning
  •      Personal & professional disability insurances
  •      Personal, family and children’s (educational) savings programs
  •      Owners and Executives as well as group insurances
  •      Building and comprehensive Risks Insurances
  •      Factoring
  1. Offshore – Founding and keeping a company outside Greece
  •  Legal and Taxation matters