Fundamental Selling Skills and techniques for experienced or prospective salespersons

A great RETURN ON INVESTMENT for employers and seminar participants

After just 5 seminar days of Hands-On sales training, you’ll gain the skills, confidence and professionalism to sell your product or services with increasing success.

Pre-seminar assessments

  • The program starts with a Personal Profile Analysis and a Sales Questionnaire


  • The sales training takes you step- by –step through the entire sales process.

Post-seminar assessments

  • Mentoring sessions will maximize the attainment of your training goals at your working environment

How will you benefit?

  •     You’ll know if you have the talent to be a good salesperson.
  •     You’ll assess your selling weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.
  •     You’ll become an active listener and overcome barriers in a sales situation.
  •     You’ll determine the best-qualified prospects and avoid time wasters.
  •     You’ll understand your customer’s situation and identify selling opportunities.
  •     You’ll learn how to make a dynamic sales presentation.
  •     You’ll feel comfortable and confident in front of new customers.
  •     You’ll handle objections smoothly and keep the sales process moving forward.
  •     You’ll use the latest closing techniques and gain customers commitment.
  •     You’ll have comprehensive and proven methods for successful after sales services.

Motivating Personal Growth

  • Winners vs. Loser
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  •  Habits and Conditioning
  • The PEP formula for success: Persistence, Enthusiasm, & Planning
  • Three Ways to Motivate People
  • Affirmations & Visualizations
  •  Goal Setting (Short and long term)
  • The “Wheel of Life” exercise

Building Rapport & Relationships

  • Prepare for your day
  •  Checklist of items you MUST do first
  • Voice Mirroring
  • Building Trust & Rapport
  • Making Customers Feel Valued and Special
  • People do Business with People that they LIKE
  • Why do People Really BUY from you?
  • Establishing Goals for your day
  • Why do Customers remain Loyal?

Adapting to Different Social Styles

  • How does PERSONALITY play an important role?
  • What is YOUR particular Style?
    •    Driver
    • Amiable
    • Analytical
    • Expressive
  • How is each Style Unique and Different?
  •  Going OUT of your Comfort Zone
  •  Creating a Positive Climate
  •  Recognizing another’s particular Style
  •  The Significance of Human Behavior.
  •  What is VAK and how do you use it?

Questions and Exploring For Needs

  • Using the Question Map
  • The PROPER way to ask a question
  •  The Different Types of Questions:
    • Closed
    • Open
    •  Paraphrase
  •  Asking the “Right” Question will Get you the “Right” Answer
  • Uncovering Needs: Definite vs. Indefinite Needs
  •  Advanced Questioning Techniques

Active Listening

  • Do you Listen or do you Take Turns Talking?
  • Learn to Listen Effectively
    •    Act like a Listener & Focus
    •  Listen to UNDERSTAND
  • How Listening will help with Building Rapport
  •  Using Dominoes to demonstrate Communications
  • Developing an Attitude of Wanting To Listen
  • Take the Listening TEST
  •  Letting your Customer Know that you ARE Listening

Selling Benefits & Selling Value 

  • Demonstrating the Value of Your Product
  • Feature or Benefit?
  • People BUY what Products can DO, NOT what they are
  • The Seven Power Words:
    •    Security
    •  Convenience
    •   Peace of Mind
    •   Economy
    •   Save Time
    •  Reliability
    •  Save Money
  • Customers buy BENEFITS
  •  Using a “Transition Bridge” to Turn a Feature into a Benefit
  • Presenting Your Case in Court (Fun Exercise)
  •  Selling what People REALLY Want to Buy

Selling Value

  • Learning to Build Value into your Offering
  •  Why Customers Buy Value
  • VALUE is a Psychological Concept ONL
  • Value vs. Worth

Overcoming Objections

  • The Four “P’s” of Objections
  • Price
  •  Product
  •  Personal
  • Postponement
  • Valid vs. Invalid Objections
  •  Why are Objections Raised in the First Place?
  • How Should Objections be Handled?
  •  What REALLY are the Issues?
  •  Answering Objections, Issues & Concerns POSITIVELY
  • Using the A L L U R E Method Effectively
  • Handling Objections Professionally

Sealing the Deal (How to Close any Sale)

  • The Number 1 Reason Why Sales People Do NOT Ask for the Sale
  • Removing the Fear of Failure
  •  What are Trial Closes?
  • How to Recognize a Buying Signal
  •  Seven PROVEN Closing Techniques
  • What to do After Asking a Closing Question?
  • Helping your Customer Make that Decision
  • Close Quickly, Effectively, Confidently, and SUCCESSFULLY

Negotiation skills

  •  Ask for more than you expect
  •  What to watch for when the talking is over
  • If you need to put pressure on the other side
  • What are power negotiators
  • Basic principles to make you smarter
  • Learn to play
  • Unethical negotiating

The Sales Process

  • Ice breaker
  • Open
  • Middle
  • Close

 Time Management

  • Discover the 5 ‘Secrets’ essential to managing your time well
  •  Identify your top time wasters and how to tackle them
  • Tips for setting and achieving goals (including the SMART model)
  • Discover new ways to prioritize and make better choices
  • Develop and use a simple time planning system that works
  • Tips for handling email and the paper deluge
  • How to manage interruptions from other people
  • Learn the most effective ways to say ‘no’ without giving offence

After Sales Services

  •  Providing customer care.
  • What we mean by ‘customer care’ and the golden rules.
  • The ten commandments of ‘customer care’
  • Customer expectations – how to exceed them.